Pictures of TFS

Day 1, Wednesday 8th, 2014
We heard a great introduction from Chairwoman, Nicole Charely and Tribal Leadership Forum Director, Roy Sampsel. Then we heard from great speakers who talked about Land-Based Treaty Rights, Tribal Sovereignty+First Food, and Youth, Elder+Innovation.   The discussions ended up being very involved, interactive, and very educational.  We all had lot to say in the HOW TO Workshop and hope to continue the discussion online. Oh, and we can’t forget the adorable Tiny Warm Springs Dancers… make sure to click on the link above for more pictures.

Day 2, Thursday 9th, 2014
We heard from two great panel disccusions: Tribal Sovereignty, Philanthropy + Creative Financing & Climate Change in Indian County: Fusing Traditional Knowledge and Science.  Then we enjoyed a great salmon luncheon to prepare us for the summaries of the panel & talk sessions. Click the link above to view more pictures.


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