Nicole Charley, Chair, Tribal Food Summit, Warm Springs, is a designated food gatherer for Simnasho Longhouse. She works for the Fish Management Department, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission.

Jackleen de La Harpe, Principal, HarpeWorks, is a nonprofit management consultant and the former Executive Director of the Metcalf Institute funded by media foundations. She has managed and coordinated numerous programs for media and scientists including the Food + Agriculture Media Project in 2013. She earned an MA from Reed College, a BA in environmental science and journalism from Western Washington University. She is a correspondent for Indian Country Today specializing in tribal food sovereignty.

Roy Sampsel, Choctaw + Wyandotte, Executive Director and CEO, Tribal Leadership Forum, is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs and a leader who has worked extensively on intergovernmental relations and developing natural resource policy. He has convened numerous meetings of tribal people and governments in the last 40 years across the full range of natural resources including water, fisheries, timber and minerals.

Don Sampson, President, Seventh Generation LLC, Former Executive Director, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Mission, Oregon. He has held numerous advisory and elected board positions including the Earth Conservation Corps Board, Spirit of the Salmon Fund, Oregon Chapter of the American Leadership Forum, Bonneville Environmental Fund, American Heritage Rivers Initiative Advisory Committee, and Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority Chair.

Marilyn Quintero, Social Media,  is a graduate of Portland State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and is now working towards her Master of Business Administration. She has worked and designed for Portland State University’s American Indian Urban Teacher Program, NARA’s Healing Feathers, the American Indian College Fund, the National Indian Child Welfare Association and other great organizations. Before moving to Portland six years ago, she lived in Spokane, Washington, where she had the opportunity to work with Children of the Sun, Spokane Tribe.


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