THURSDAY, January 9th, 2014

Today we had many great presentation & discussions through-out the day.  We heard from two great panel sessions: Tribal Sovereignty, Philanthropy +Creative Financing, and Climate Change in Indian County: Fusing Traditional Knowledge + Science. We had couple great key points:

We heard about funding for tribal food systems range from project grants awards to low-interest loans for larger initiatives. Leaders in philanthropy and creative financing discussed foundation support for Indian Country and new and emerging funding programs.

Many tribes are integrating climate change adaptation into their management plans.

How does the combination of science and traditional knowledge change how tribes manage traditional food systems?

Then we broke-out into smaller groups to discuss the tracks: Land-Based Treaty Rights, Tribal Sovereignty+ First Food, and Youth, Elders + Innovation. We heard summaries from the facilitators and hope to post the notes as soon as we get them typed out.

Thank you everyone for coming to the first Tribal Food Summit. It was beautiful to see the community get together to share what’s important. I hope this inspired you all to continue the great discussions and take them back home. Don’t forget to check back for pictures, notes, and materials.


2 thoughts on “THURSDAY, January 9th, 2014

  1. Is there a Summit happening in 2015? I hope so. I may have some contacts for presenters. Appreciate any info!

    • Esteban, the Tribal Food Summit management has changed and I’m not sure if they decide to keep the summit going. Ecotrust has an upcoming event called Food Sovereignty Summit. Please visit their website for more information. Thank you for contacting TFS.

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